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The School of Philosophy, St Albans is here for you.

We provide the guidance you need to kick-start your journey of self-discovery and fire up the astonishing potential inside of you.  

Route One: for evenings that could change your life!

Our experienced tutors share their love for timeless wisdom from both East and West.

You test out the ideas in practice, every day, in your normal life.

Meet with others in your group, sharing your own delight and discoveries as the course unfolds!


Our next evening course in practical philosophy

Four-session introduction, starting January 2024 for just £40. Look out for details soon



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Route Two: start your learning today...FREE!

1. We have lots of FREE content to get you started, such as inspiring quotations, practical exercises and philosophical insights. Simply subscribe to our email list or fill out the pop-up form to receive your first piece of inspiration. 

2. Our YouTube channel is packed with great FREE content. Learn about Plato's Cave, Stoic philosophy, why study Sanskrit and the joy of Meditation. And more.

3. Our popular Philosophy Cafe brings people together from all over the country on Zoom for a facilitated, themed discussion. The sessions are great fun and FREE, so no need to attend every week. If you're craving some good company, this is the perfect solution. More details here.


So much more to discover!

For students enrolled on one of our courses, we can offer support and tuition to establish a daily practice of mantra meditation. Join the thousands of others who have taken up this authentic, traditional meditation practice since we first offered it in the 1960s.

Also for our existing students, we offer a range of weekend or week-long retreats to help deepen both understanding and stillness.


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