Welcome to the School of Philosophy St Albans

"Definitely need philosophy now more than ever!" - Louise (March 2020)

 Introductory Philosophy Online classes - SOLD OUT!

We're sorry there are no more places left on our national list of 30 classes for this coming term. Please register your interest by subscribing to our mailing list for details of our classes in the autumn.

Meanwhile, we have the following online offerings:

Awareness Live 8.30 every weekday morning LIVE on Facebook

For more than 60 years, the Awareness Exercise has been part of the Practical Philosophy courses. During that time, in groups right across the world and now online, countless people have found it an effective tool for accessing inner stillness and peace.
Now, for the first time, the Awareness Exercise is being broadcast live on Facebook.

Visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/SchoolofEconomicScience for further details

 And, for the serious meditators among us...

‘Simply Connect’ meditation drop-ins

For any of our students, past or present, who have learned mantra meditation with us, we are offering online ‘drop-in’ sessions, including five minutes of meditation and an opportunity for informal, social interaction. Details are on our Events page.

Studied with us before? Join us again on a Tuesday evening

Here are some great reasons why now would be a really good time to explore philosophy again with us


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