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How can the School of Philosophy help you?

Is working from home leaving you isolated and in need of stimulating company?

Has a major life event made you re-examine your priorities and ponder some of life's deeper questions?

Are you a driven, goal-oriented individual seeking greater balance in your life and to become a bit more 'Zen'?

These are just some of the things that lead people just like you to try philosophy. Whatever your own reason, the School of Philosophy is here to help YOU in your quest for self-understanding and personal growth.


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1. We have lots of FREE content to get you started, such as inspiring quotations, practical exercises and philosophical insights. Simply subscribe to our email list or fill out the pop-up form to receive your first piece of inspiration. 

2. Our YouTube channel is packed with great FREE content. Learn about Plato's Cave, Stoic philosophy, why study Sanskrit and the joy of Meditation. And more.

3. Our popular Philosophy Cafe brings people together from all over the country on Zoom for a facilitated, themed discussion. The sessions are great fun and FREE, so no need to attend every week. If you're craving some good company, this is the perfect solution. More details here.


Ready for more?

4. If you'd like more help with putting the theory into practice, you could sign up for our next introductory course in Practical Philosophy. These ten tutor-led, in-person sessions will give you a great grounding and set you on the path to a profound and potentially life-changing pursuit.

5. For students enrolled on one of our courses, we can offer support and tuition to establish a daily practice of mantra meditation.

6. Also for existing students, we offer a range of weekend or week-long retreats to help deepen both understanding and stillness.



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