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Free to be Yourself

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Free to be Yourself: Introduction to Practical Philosophy 

Meet with like-minded others to explore profound, philosophic wisdom and integrate it into your life, under guidance from an experienced tutor.

A life spent more in the present, in the moment, in the now, is a life experienced more fully and richly. The people who matter most to you receive more of your attention. You become gradually more aware, more awake, more in tune, as you gradually discover the majesty and freedom of your own true self.

It all begins with our introductory practical philosophy course. Weekly group discussions, led by an experienced tutor, emphasise personal experience and practice over opinion and theory. No previous experience or qualifications are necessary - just an open mind and a willingness to put simple techniques into practice.

Our next course takes place in person on Tuesday evenings, starting September 2022.

If you’re looking for a way out to a wider world (Zoom-free), this could be it.


Here's what you can expect:

Flexibility. Affordability


For those looking to explore more deeply, we offer follow-on courses, groups and mantra meditation - support for as long as you require, to make philosophy a way of life.

If you’re on the look-out for a way out to a wider world (Zoom-free), this could be it.

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Prefer online?

Our popular online version of the same course continues to be available, starting in September 2022 on a wide choice of days and times. Groups are made up of students from across the UK and beyond. 

Special offer: £30 for 10 sessions online

Stay in touch with us here in St Albans for details of locally run follow-on courses you could join from September.

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Thousands of happy customers!

Over 4,000 people across the UK have enrolled for this online introductory course since March 2020.

Here are some more of the comments from our new students:

"Thank you for this great course, I am grateful for all the learnings and I feel amazing after each session and I go in society as a better human."

"I have really appreciated the practical nature of the course. It has definitely impacted my thinking and my life...I really like the Zoom break out rooms and the opportunity to engage personally with my fellow-students."

"Personal development was a key driver for myself and many people on my group. Also the interactivity of the course allows for engaging with similarly motivated people - learning through the practical experience of others."


About us

The School of Philosophy, St Albans offers introductory courses in practical philosophy and tuition for a traditional vedantic method of mantra meditation. We have a range of modules and groups for our more experienced students. Over the past 50 years, we've helped hundreds of people from Hertfordshire and beyond to incorporate philosophic principles and practices into their often hectic daily lives. 


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