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Philosophy Made Practical

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Philosophy Made Practical: a beginners' introduction


Philosophy is not what you think...

Intellectual ponderings and mind-bending theories all have their place...but not on this course!

What's important here is what you experience when you practise philosophy for yourself. In your life. At home. At work. In your community.

Why? Because philosophy is a process of discovery. Of self-discovery.

It's a journey that takes you within. To your very core. To find who you really are. 

With guidance of experienced tutors, in the company of others on the same journey, our courses provide the support you need to begin your journey with confidence.

What else can we say? Well, how about:


Flexibility. Affordability. Transparency

The course runs continuously so you can take a break if you need to and come back to complete the ten sessions later

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Frequently Asked Questions

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