Welcome to the School of Philosophy St Albans

Life as a Pilgrimage

What People Say

Some quotes from some of our recent students in St Albans:


"Definitely need Philosophy now more than ever!" - Louise

“I have found the classes really helpful. As well as learning some interesting and thought-provoking concepts, the weekly practical exercises have really helped me to put into practice a more peaceful and satisfying way of living.” – Eleanor, Graphic Designer

"In a busy world packed with external stimuli competing for our attention, these weekly sessions offer a welcome retreat for reflection and discussion. I am now more deliberate about allocating my time, appreciate my connection to the world around me and continue to find greater depths of inner peace." - Andy, Account Manager

"I have found the classes and topics covered in practical philosophy to be of enormous benefit to my everyday life and relationships by enabling me to have a more measured perspective of situations that arise and to be less affected by the ups and downs of life." - Helen


Here are some promotional videos and some clips of London students sharing their thoughts on what they found.