Welcome to the School of Philosophy St Albans

Life as a Pilgrimage

Our Groups

We currently have four groups of students in the School of Philosophy, St Albans, each at different levels of experience and engagement with our 'four pillars' methodology. All currently meet in person, with occasional online meetings bringing students in all four groups together.

Introductory Group - the entry-point for all our students is the eleven week Practical Philosophy introductory course, currently meeting on a Tuesday evening.

Awareness Group - following on from the Introductory Course, students join our second group where they study a sequence of four modules in rotation (see Follow-on courses), each of 12 weeks.  The work focuses on use of the awareness exercise, mindful working and other practices to develop finer attention and presence. Currently meets on Tuesday evenings.

For students practising the School's mantra meditation method, more advanced courses become available:

Meditation Group - a further series of philosophy modules, of which Meditation is an intrinsic element. As well as philosophical discussion and practice, students meditate together for part of the evening and practise mindful working three times a term. Currently meets on Tuesday evenings.

Reflection Group - the deepest level of engagement with the School's system is available to those students, who, as well as attending their group and meditating, have also taken on a regular volunteering role and attend retreats. We also introduce our students to a practice we call Reflection, which involves quietly contemplating some words of the wise or short scriptural text and allowing the words to reflect at a deep level within. Meets on Monday evenings.




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