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Transparent fees and charges

There are no hidden charges with the School of Philosophy. What you see is what you get!

Here are all the fees and charges we can think of for any of the courses or optional extras that our students may wish to benefit from.

You'll find the prices are extremely competitive, due to the simple fact that all our teaching is provided by unpaid volunteers. Why? Mainly because it supports our own self-development. But for many of us it's also a way of supporting our School and our local community. Either way, you could call it a labour of love.


These are the fees for Our Groups:

Introductory Group

All Introductory Course fees are payable in advance via Eventbrite:


Awareness Group

Following on from the Introductory Course, students join our second group studying a sequence of four further modules of 10 weeks, spread across two of our six-week terms, with an additional (in-person or online) meeting at the start or end of term. 

(Why the higher fees? Our Introductory Course is generally offered at a specially reduced rate. This may or may not cover the cost of room hire and certainly does not cover the cost of advertising as well. Fees at this next level therefore need to cover our advertising costs as well as the group's own room hire and printing costs.)


Meditation and Reflection Groups

For students practising the School's mantra meditation method, these more advanced courses become available. Fees per six-week term, including one session with all groups together (maybe online):

(Why the higher fees? Our parent charity in London provides us with our course syllabus and teaching materials, admin support, financial and legal services, marketing etc. and runs retreat centres. At this level, our students make a contribution (currently £40 per term for each student in these groups) towards these central overhead costs (mainly premises, staff wages etc) and this is reflected in the fees.)




Introduction to mantra meditation. Introduction and traditional ceremony, provided by the School of Meditation, London to whom a suggested one-off donation is requested of £150-200. From that point onwards, there are no extra charges for meditation support (unless you opt to attend a meditation retreat). Tutorials are provided free.

Tutorials. Our students can request a free one-to-one meditation tutorial at any time. This may be online or in-person. No charge.

(Note: Mantra meditation is a requirement for our more advanced modules (Parts 6 onwards) but is available to any student from Introductory course onwards)


Optional extras

Horizons - Saturday morning options, online or in person in London Details and enrol - £65 for 10

Study Day at Waterperry House nr Oxford, once or twice a year - £15-20, including lunch

Residential retreats at Waterperry House, nr Oxford. Special price, only available to students of the School of Philosophy – weekend (2 nights) £90; week (7 nights) £315



Photo credit: Sandy Millar on Unsplash